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Changes in the Czech Society

MEDIAN is the co-creator of the survey Changes in the Czech Society, one o the most major academic studies of the Czech society submitted by the Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Sciences, the Masaryk University and the Institute of Economics CERGE-EI.
The research will run for 4 years to November 2015 and 5000 households will participate. All households are financially rewarded.



The study Changes in the Czech Society is conducted with interviews in households at selected places in all over the Czech Republic.The financial reward for participation amount to a few hundred crowns for an hour of interviewing.


The objectives of the research is to learn about Czech households and how their lives and attitudes change over time and what obstacles they face. Similar studies are being carried out abroad and help scientists understand how society works and evolves.

The acquired information proves useful not only by scientists, but also to lawmakers and public authorities during a decision-making process. It ensures journalists are well-informed and will be available to the general public. The study can also help improve life in the Czech Republic. One of the areas could be how the family is supported:


Mothers of small children are in an unfavourable position in comparison with their childless peers. They face a higher risk of unemployment, and once their maternity leave ends, finding a job is a much greater problem. Motherhood is also negatively reflected in low incomes and subsequently low pension funds.

The information gathered from the study can help to find out what the biggest obstacle is for women returning to work after maternity leave (day-care and kindergarten options, part-time job contracts, flexible working hours, tax relief and social benefits from the state). It can show the current weaknesses in the system of job support for mothers and what companies should focus more on to help women successfully combine childcare and their careers.

Due to the long-term view on households the study will also show which types of families and households and most severely affected by the economic crisis, what negatively impacts their living standards and what leads them into the debt cycle and what the consequences are. The results could be a base for the improvement of social politics and support to families at risk.

There are dozens of other similar examples that the Changes in the Czech Society study explores and can help to learn about and improve the lives of pensioners, increase the quality of living environments and health, family life and problems regarding starting a family, work mobility and so on.. We hope that in case you are asked to kindly participate, you will help in learning about the Czech society and its problems.


For more information about the study go to the website www.promenyceskespolecnosti.cz
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