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Attitudes of the Czech public to the energy concept and coal mining

The survey results clearly indicate that the Czech public supports the end of coal mining; however, it would prefer a gradual termination over a longer period of time rather than a quick stop. Respondents were in favour of maintaining mining regulations in the form of mining limits and would certainly not expand the current extent of mining.

The Czech Republic should look for its future primary energy source mainly in renewable energy sources or nuclear energy in combination with renewable energy sources.

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Brexit will hurt Great Britain, the EU, but also the Czech Republic. Great Britain has the main responsibility for the complications; Czechs want the UK to remain in the EU.

From September 13th to October 8th, MEDIAN surveyed the views of the Czech public on the current situation concerning Brexit. The survey is representative for the internet population over 18 years of age in the Czech Republic. We publish the results exclusively with iDnes.cz.

58% of respondents personally want the UK to remain in the European Union. Almost a quarter of respondents do not care whether Britain will stay or leave the EU.

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Interactive with SHOWME: Try our political sympathy calculator

Are the opinions and behaviour of people related to their sympathy to different political parties? We tried to answer this question in a brand new data analysis of the CHPS project. Sympathizers of which parties do you think are the most liberal in their view of the traditional family? Which ones consider the financial factor to be the most important one in choosing a new job? Choose various parameters in our app and get answers to your questions.

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MEDIAN on the EP elections: In which groups of voters did ANO, Pirates or ODS score and how loyal are the voters of each party?

The parties’ profits were significantly influenced by the different
voter involvement and turnout. The decline in participation is the main
reason for the fall of the CSSD and the decline in profit of ANO. Only
about a third of the Social Democratic voters from the 2017 Parliament
elections voted in the elections and less than 40% of the ANO voters.
The participation of 2017 Pirate voters was also relatively weak (around

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We have celebrated 100 years since the formation of the republic. How do Czechs perceive crucial events and personalities of their own history?

For the occasion of the centenary of
the independent Czechoslovak statehood, Median prepared a survey for the Czech
Television mapping the views of Czechs on important moments and personalities
of the last hundred years of our history.

From a general historical point of view, the best evaluated stage of the history of Czechoslovakia / Czechia is the First Republic (72 % positive evaluation), followed by the transformation period after 1989 and the present (70 %).

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Voters from social bubbles differ in the perception of the counter-candidate and in the interpretation of the debates

Almost 30% of people lived in a social “bubble” at the time of the presidential election – that means that the vast majority of people they know voted either Jiří Drahoš or Miloš Zeman. The fact that your peers predominantly choose one candidate increases the chance of you also voting for him 8–9 times – even if we control for sociodemography, regionality and the party elected in the Parliament elections.

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The Second adMeter 1000 Meeting

February 10th, 2016, the second adMeter 1000 meeting was held in Bratislava. Attendants were presented with one of the first cross-media panels in the world, data output and software solutions for its processing and planning.

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Sociologists Have Measured the Degree of Life Happiness in the Czech Households.

How many Czech households are happy about their lives? Do families of married couples have more chances of living happy life? And which part of our life is the most stressful? Sociologists have tried to measure the degree of life happiness and its determining factors in a unique long-term survey called Proměny české společnosti (Changes in the Czech Society). The project is a common work of five institutions –Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Sciences,

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More Than 1000 Respondents Involved in the adMeter Project

Following the year that the agency MEDIAN introduced its unique cross-media project adMeter onto the market, a new development stage was launched. Not only does it measure television and radio ratings using the audio matching technology, but also measures website traffic on mobile phone devices, computers, notebooks and tablets. In addition it also successfully realizes pilot projects of undeclared print audience measurement and outdoor advertising. As of 1st of September the panel has been expanded to 1000 members.

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adMeter 1000

MEDIAN is holding an event adMeter 1000 where the phenomenon of cross-media research will be presented in different perspectives to its attendants – both agencies and clients.

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Migrants in the Czech Republic

How has the view of the Czech people on migration and problems it brings about changed since April? This topic was surveyed by MEDIAN agency for the Czech Radio and Czech Television exclusively. Position of the Czechs on migrants and its time development, relation to people´s political affiliation and other outcomes are interpreted by Daniel Prokop from MEDIAN in the Studio 24 programme on the Czech Television.

You can watch the programme online on this website (7:37 to 19:52 min):


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Changes in the Czech Society

MEDIAN is the co-creator of the survey Changes in the Czech Society, one o the most major academic studies of the Czech society submitted by the Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Sciences, the Masaryk University and the Institute of Economics CERGE-EI.
The research will run for 4 years to November 2015 and 5000 households will participate. All households are financially rewarded.


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