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For the interviewers

Would you like to team up with us?

We offer a job for those of you who are communicative and like to engage in conversation. Our interviewers go to other people and conduct interviews with them. We provide interviews for our projects all over the Czech Republic employing different methods. Our interviewers frequently use notebooks and tablets to conduct interviews.

Interviewers acquire information from citizens of the Czech Republic, and records it in pre-prepared questionnaires. The questionnaires are sent electronically and are returned in the same manner.There is no need to be nervous about the technology, we will provide you with a training course. And if you feel more comfortable with paper questionnaires, that is no problem at all. Become a part of ongoing projects running over a span of one year. You will receive the questionnaires by mail.

Each interviewer is assessed for a correctly filled in questionnaire and whether it was submitted within the time limit specified for the project.

We also offer interviewing via the telephone. The studio where many of our interesting projects are realized is located in our headquarters.

This job is suitable for any citizen of the Czech Republic – students, the employed and unemployed, pensioners and mothers on maternity leave.


Does this offer interest you? Would you like to become a part of our team?
Contact our HR department.


I want to become an interviewer:


  • Aged over 18
  • Developed communication skills
  • Time flexibility
  • Work responsibility
  • Open to commuting (reimbursement of 4 CZK/km)
  • Basic computer skills if interested in working with a notebook


  • Steady job for the whole year
  • Agreement to complete a job or Trade License
  • Salaries correspond with scope of questionnaire
  • Payday monthly to your account or in the form of voucher
  • Reimbursement of travel costs, postage costs
  • Free notebook rental – not the case for Skype training courses
  • Free training courses: online via Skype or in person in Prague or Brno (training is compulsory)


Your enquiries/remarks

In case of any enquiries or remarks please contact us.