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Cross-media electronic measurement of media consumption and movement localization

The adMeter technology was launched onto the market in 2012 as part of a pilot radio and television audience measurement. In 2014 we introduced other measurement of media types and currently we are using a representative panel of 1000 respondents. This single-source research provides continuous panel data about cross-media consumption of each respondent.

  • adMeter uses the modern technologies of audio matching which enables radio and television audience measurement in real time.
  • adMeter is a mobile phone application synced with other devices (PC, laptop, tablet …) and thus can measure website traffic.
  • adMeter uses localization technology which assists localization of smartphones to measure the impact of outdoor advertising or traffic behaviour and mobility.


Utilization of adMeter data

  • Cross-media planning and assessment of television, radio, Internet and other media types advertising enable measuring and analysis of the objective impact and effectiveness of cross-media campaigns.
  • Cross-media analysis for the media, where the following things, among others, are assessed:
    • reader behaviour of print in electronic form,
    • consumption of video content on the Internet in comparison with television ratings,
    • overlaps of radio audience and television audience.



  • adMeter offers unique data which fittingly complements the current media one-currency research with a cross-media perspective.
  • adMeter brings a systematic expansion of universal cross-media indicators and new methods of measuring the relationship between individual media types.
  • adMeter enables the unification of information about cross-media overlaps and the incremental reach of media types in cross-media campaigns and cross-media behaviour of media consumers.
  • adMeter provides a way to measure media indicators from various media types and the possibility to compare the effectiveness of individual media types and their syneregistic effect while interviewing consumers.

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