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For the respondents

Would you like to team up as a respondent?

Would you like to earn extra money while comfortably filling in an online form with the added bonus of being able to express your opinion about current issues?

The requirements are a minimum age 15 and stable access to the Internet, and you can become a part of our Online Panel of respondents. Your opinions has influence the decisions made in government and private institutions.


We also collaborate with many other local radio broadcast stations, so your opinion can influence the selection of tracks played on your favourite radio station.


Form of collaboration

  • As part of the Online Panel you will receive e-mails in irregular intervals offering participation in researches via an online form.
  • You will be informed in advance about the length of the questionnaire and the financial reward for filling it in.
  • Participation in studies is voluntary. If the conditions or topic of the project are not agreeable to you, you do not have to participate in it.
  • Participation on researches in anonymous. Hundreds, even thousands of respondents and data from the research are processed in bulk. Your answers in the questionnaires are strictly separated from your personal information required for your financial reward.
  • You can terminate your collaboration anytime upon your request.
  • Studies ale always time-limited. The e-mail also states the due-date of submitting the questionnaire. We guarantee that you will be able to complete the questionnaire (it is possible to interrupt completing it and return to it later).


Does this offer interest you? Would you like to become a part of the Online Panel?
Please fill in our contact form. We will get back to you.