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Brexit will hurt Great Britain, the EU, but also the Czech Republic. Great Britain has the main responsibility for the complications; Czechs want the UK to remain in the EU.

From September 13th to October 8th, MEDIAN surveyed the views of the Czech public on the current situation concerning Brexit. The survey is representative for the internet population over 18 years of age in the Czech Republic. We publish the results exclusively with iDnes.cz.

58% of respondents personally want the UK to remain in the European Union. Almost a quarter of respondents do not care whether Britain will stay or leave the EU. In the current situation, 35% of respondents consider the UK leaving per agreement as the best option. Only 13% of respondents consider leaving without an agreement to be a suitable next step.

One third of the respondents think that another referendum should follow. More than 40% of those who voted Pirates, ČSSD, TOP 09, KDU ČSL or STAN in 2017 consider the announcement of a second referendum about Brexit desirable.

Read more about the results in the survey report.