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Attitudes of the Czech public to the energy concept and coal mining

The survey results clearly indicate that the Czech public supports the end of coal mining; however, it would prefer a gradual termination over a longer period of time rather than a quick stop. Respondents were in favour of maintaining mining regulations in the form of mining limits and would certainly not expand the current extent of mining.

The Czech Republic should look for its future primary energy source mainly in renewable energy sources or nuclear energy in combination with renewable energy sources.

Most of the respondents want all coal-fired power plants to be closed down in the future. One fifth of the respondents would like the Czech Republic to reach this state by 2030. In addressing any unemployment that might occur as a result of mining cessation, people would like the state to provide support to the dismissed employees, especially in the area of ​​retraining.

Although, according to research, the closure of coal mining and coal-fired power plants as well as renewable energy sources are supported by the public, citizens’ initiatives focusing on this issue are not well known by the public. Among the respondents who do know them, these initiatives do not enjoy much sympathy.

The research results are summarized in the research report (in Czech only).