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Ongoing multi-client research of consumer behaviour, media consumption and lifestyle

Market & Media & Lifestyle (MML-TGI)

MML-TGI is the most extensive study about consumption with more that 300 types of services and 3 000 individual brands connected to data on television ratings, radio ratings, print media ratings and online activities. This is complemented with detailed data about lifestyle. This project has been running since 1996.



Every year we interview 15 000 respondents in the Czech Republic and 8 000 in Slovakia. The extensive number of areas of interest and questions in the questionnaires combined with a high number of participating respondents provide a unique source for precise profiling of target groups.



Do the following topics interest you? Feel free to ask us, we have answers even for you…

  • What the positioning of the brand or product is
  • Who your customers are, where your potential for growth is
  • How strong your competition is
  • Which price strategy to employ
  • How customers make choices
  • How your products evolve over a time span
  • What customers listen to, read or watch
  • Which form of media is most suitable to promote your brand with
  • How to effectively address the target group

We can prepare an analysis tailored to your needs. Or we can provide you with data with software support in the Data Analyzer programme and you yourself can search for contexts, new options and be inspired by new information to help you grow.



You can receive updated results thrice-monthly.



The most frequent users of this research are media agencies, the media, or producers or providers of services. The acquired data helps users to make better choices in the area of marketing, media planning and advertising activities.

The same type of research is conducted in more than 70 countries worldwide, many of which are licensing partners collaborating with the British research company Kantar Media. This project has been running under the name TGI (Target Group Index) since 1969 and the Czech Republic belongs to the group of collaborating countries.