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Privacy Policy

The aim of the adMeter project

Is to measure radio listening, TV watching and web sites visiting not only on PC but also on cell phone, the so called comsumption measurement everywhere you are (for example in car, at work, while watching an ice hockey game in a sport bar). The result will be a complex analysis of media consumption behavior in the Czech Republic.

Privacy protection statement

This Privacy protection statement was created for you to learn how we gather, use and protect your personal data. This information is an addition to „PODMÍNKY ÚČASTI VE VÝZKUMU adMeter“.

The protection of personal data is very important to the MEDIAN, s.r.o. company (hereinafter referred to as “MEDIAN”). MEDIAN is properly registered at the Office for Personal Data Protection for the purpose of gathering and processing data from panel researches. MEDIAN actively tracks the development of Czech and EU legislation in order to implement all requirements imposed by law to affect the use of new technologies in panel research to ensure maximum privacy protection for our respondents.

MEDIAN fully complies with the law no. 101/2000 Coll. of Czech law about personal data protection and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) and about changes in some other laws and other related legal regulations.

When you start to participate in a panel research you will be asked to fill in your personal data. You will be informed about the reason, nature and time restriction for their usage. We also assure you that the use of your personal data will never be in conflict with legal regulations or your interests.

Personal data

Your personal data are gathered and used for processing for media research only with your knowledge and your approval.

The personal data we can gather are for example your name, permanent address, your personal identification number, age, telephone number, email address, lifestyle eventually other data provided by you during the registration to the adMeter project. If you decide to give us your personal data, the data will be used for purposes agreed on at the time when the data were collected and according to mentioned conditions.

Information from Children

We do not collect any data targeted at children under15 years of age.  In case we collect data targeted at children under18 years of age, the consent of such child’s parent or guardian is requested.

Your personal data can be gathered through application which you install on your cellphone or PC. Our application always gathers data to the extent strictly necessary for us to perform panel research.  Your data are secured with respect to MEDIAN internal regulations.

General data about project participants

MEDIAN guarantees that the project participant (respondent) does not have to worry about his or her privacy in any occasion.

Application installed in mobile phone does not record the surrounding sound in certain time intervals it just records the so called reduced data finger print of a radio or TV broadcasting. The imprint is automatically encoded and sent to process to the MEDIAN software department. Data are processed in bulk and automatically. Respondent does not have to worry about his or her call being recorded or his or her privacy compromised.

We also can gather information about the websites you visited without monitoring your activity there or we can gather information about the place where the media was consumed.

During the use of internet you can gather and share much information without knowing it. The information is gathered by cookies, the internet tags which are also part of the research.


This is the part of information which is sent by the website into your web browser. Thanks to the cookie the page remembers the choices you made on the website.

So called „Session Cookies“ are temporary pieces of information that improve the navigation on web pages. They are deleted once the browser is quit or the computer turned off.

„Persistent Cookies“ are permanent pieces of information placed on your hard drive. They stay there until they are deleted. They can contain personal data if you agree to it.

Internet tags

Internet tags are smaller than cookies and tell the web server for example the IP address and the type of browser. The tags can be contained in online advertisements which refer the user to a webpage. It shows how many time was the webpage visited and which information you were interested in.

This information is considered confidential and is treated as such, namely when connected to name and address.

The use of the data

We use your personal data to conduct media analyses regarding your media consumption (radio, television, internet, printed media, outdoor advertisements) and to contact you with additional questions by mail, telephone, SMS, E-mail and internet (depending which form is suitable and which you agreed to).


We can reveal your personal data only when the law permits that.

MEDIAN will of course never give access to you data to a third party unless you agree with it.

Access to your personal data and your other rights

Access to your personal data processed by MEDIAN can have only a limited group of people. For all of these groups there are strict internal procedures which are regularly reviewed.

Precautions to protect the data from getting to any third party are made on a technical level (management of access rights to the systems, logging access to key information, security of extra sensitive information on a database level, etc.) and on procedural level, when the data can be provided to following subjects

  • Subject with legislative authority (for example government authorities) which ask formally and in a proper and standardized way

All procedures of gathering or processing of your personal data are conducted with respect to the law no. 101/2000 Coll. Of Czech law about Protection of personal data.